PATTERN: DVJ Nymph (Dan’s Vaal Jig)
GUEST TYER: Daniel Factor
CATEGORY: Caddis nymph
SPECIES: Smallmouth Yellowfish & Trout


HOOK: Grip 14037 BL, #16 (Jig hook)

BEAD: Grip 3mm slotted, tungsten. White / black for dirty water. Gold / silver clear water.

THREAD: Nano silk 12/0, black

RIB: Copper wire, small, rose pink

TAIL: Coq de Leon fibers (short tail)

ABDOMEN: Pheasant tail fibers or Hairs dubbing, natural

HOT SPOT: Dubbing, off pink (loose wing case)

COLLAR: CDC, dark dun or Hungarian Partridge, natural and hairs ear dubbing (split thread)

THORAX: Dubbing, dark