PATTERN: Foam Hopper
GUEST TYER: Rob van Rensburg
CATEGORY: Dry Flies, Terrestrial
SPECIES: Smallmouth Yellowfish & Trout


HOOK: Dry Fly hook, #12 (Grip 11011 BL: Still water)

THREAD: Danville 6/0, pink, abdomen. Danville 6/0, black, thorax.

ABDOMEN: Closed-cell foam, yellow and brown (tied on a needle, cut to shape)

UNDERWING 1: Packaging foam, white (cut to shape)

UNDERWING 2: Pearl Krystal Flash, ten strands, cut to same length as foam wing.

WING: Deer hair, natural dark, same length as underwing

THORAX: Synthetic dubbing, peacock

LEGS: Rubber, black and red joined by knot

WING CASE: Closed-cell foam, 5mm, yellow